Spot the easy wins for your cloud operations


Spotting the cloud wins for application modernization with the lowest prices has never been easier. With companies like NetApp and Fluid exploring the potential of Kubernetes and innovating futuristic cloud solutions, there are now all-encompassing computing-agnostic options to choose from.

Cloud and storage services can scale up or down according to the demands of your business, however, there is always a high cost associated with these changes and movements – until now.

The first easy win is Fluid’s integration with because this software will automatically continuously move stored items to the best location to receive the lowest storing price. Imagine a private valet service for your cloud resources that will save you money! The software analyses and manages the placement of your storage, resources, and workloads to provide cost-optimization and resource-saving solutions. This means businesses can have the flexibility and adaptability of changing, for example quickly growing the business and its assets, without paying for each one of those changes.

Managing infrastructures also comprise digital and physical interventions to execute, for example, on-premises management. Imagine removing the physicality of setting up these infrastructures, leaving just the digital software to do the work. Allowing that time (often months) and cost to go towards the business and the utilization of those ready-to-go infrastructures.

Our second easy win – Fluid with has removed the physicality of scaling cloud operations all in the interest of cloud and cost optimization providing the best solutions for speed, connectivity, and cost.

In simple terms, is software designed for cloud storage cost optimization which means it moves cloud elements/resources to the best spots or locations automatically for you which ensures you’re always receiving the lowest price at any given time.

Similarly, Fluid takes this one step further as users can see the costs of running workloads compared directly to the alternative costs of running those workloads in a public cloud environment, and take action to manage those expenses as required. Fluid is able to give a cloud-like experience and agility to your on-premise infrastructure ensuring your workloads are urn in the best locations at the right time. It’s a win, win, win all around. 

The easy way, @Ezypay (Australia’s most awarded subscription payment provider) was able to retire their co-location architectures and consolidated it all down to a small footprint was thanks to this solution. 


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Spot the easy wins for your cloud operations

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