Reduce Your Cloud Costs


TLDR: Cloud costs are going to rise. There’s a better way to manage your cloud environment and keep your costs down, and we can help you get there.

The constant pressures of mitigating risks in your security whilst keeping costs down can be all-consuming at times. Have you found your current cloud strategy limiting you? You are NOT alone.

From their inception, cloud platforms have offered tools to help manage your spend on their platforms, but it is important to understand that whilst they replace physical infrastructure with a virtual environment, when buying from the cloud you are buying agility, not CAPACITY. If you still view cloud computing as storage and processing capacity, you may be selling yourself short.

What you’re really buying is agility – the speed to operate, scale, and change your enterprise. What once took years to build in a physical environment can happen overnight.

Budgetary creep | Cloud costs are here to stay, and overall technology costs will continue to rise. Trying to run cloud optimisation solutions and considering possible hybrid options to mitigate ballooning cloud costs without ripping apart your organisation’s infrastructure? Here’s what you don’t know yet:

  • You can optimise the performance of your data and storage across all environments and secure it wherever it resides—anywhere, any cloud
  • You can move workloads across cloud vendors, including on-premises clouds, seamlessly to take advantage of the cost savings in real time

Gain clear visibility into the security of your data wherever it lands, providing your business with technical advantage whilst reducing costs.

“Want to get the results of partnerships with Microsoft, AWS, and Google, to provide a “cloud-agnostic” experience? We can provide you the highest performance and unparalleled portability, so you can work with any cloud provider you choose, including your own hybrid and multi-cloud environments,” said Kristof Kazmer, ASE’S Head of Solution Sales.

“Businesses that wait until the CFO, or your balance sheet forces you down a different path won’t have the time or space to develop the best cloud, and data strategy,” he continued.

NOW is the time for a completely new approach to managing the cloud. Sound like something you need in place for 2023? Talk to us today about how we can help you manage and optimise your cloud and your budget.


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