Think Before You Click. ASE’s Cyber Conference 2022 Insights


ASE’s Head of Solution Sales, Kristof Kazmer attended the Cyber Conference 2022 in Melbourne recently. You’ll find some of his hot takeaways from the conference in this blog. “I attended some amazing, insightful presentations. I only wish I could have been in three places at once so I could have attended more of the presentations by all the talented speakers! The audience at each session was filled with cyber security professionals and experts which led to some fantastic conversations where we learned about each other’s experiences and issues facing the industry,” said Kristof.

We are living in the fourth Industrial Revolution; Cyber-physical systems are just the start as the biggest changes are yet to come.

The most important part of being part of this revolution is being educated and building resilience. Resilience comes through support and a community, and that’s what Cyber Con 2022 was about, the build a security community and share with each other.

How do you build resilience? Build support through your community. Learn from experience.

Experience has demonstrated:

  • Don’t be a data hoarder.
  • Keep only what you need.
  • Don’t wait for criminals to show you where you’re weak, be proactive.
  • Share what you know and learn.

A focus on the future is about securing our information and our data, the greatest threat to our data is no longer the information on your end-user device, it’s about what’s in the cloud, both public and private.

Company Directors, don’t let cyber risks be ignored in your boardroom – tackle it head-on and take measured, proportionate steps to manage and mitigate the risk as relevant to your organisation.

Cybersecurity is just like fitness; it needs to be maintained. The strongest message coming through? Think before you click.

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