Finstro: Finds value in their data with data dam


Finstro Snapshot, to view the full case study download the PDF data strategy roadmap


Finstro originally partnered with ASE for DevOps architecture improvements and automation leveraging Terraform. ASE was requested to implement a framework and rigor around the deployment process to allow new development, test, and demo environments to be deployed easily and quickly.  


Finstro’s business was growing rapidly with new territories, funding, and partners all coinciding at the same time. With an increase in volume and new systems being deployed to the business, Finstro’s CFO could not extract the reports required for visibility across the organisation and shared this frustration with ASE and stakeholders…


After thorough consultation to understand the outcomes Finstro desired, ASE put forward an affordable Data Dam solution. ASE walked hand in hand with Finstro on their data driven decision making journey to ensure the roll-out, implementation, and results exceeded expectation…THE OUTCOME

By decoupling Finstro’s data from their applications and legacy databases, Finstro were able to not only gain visibility across their numerous business units, but also build correlations across them and create economies of scale…

For more details download Full Case Study.


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