One Agency: ASE’s technology solutions keeping their team on track


One Agency Snapshot, to view the full case study download the PDF data strategy roadmap


One Agency is a revolution in real estate, empowering both individual real estate professionals and established agencies to take control of their own business and their future and bring an entirely new level of service to clients


One Agency reached out to ASE in 2019 when Kane founded the business and needed a technology partner to rely on to determine his technology solutions, set up them up right, from the very beginning, and then manage them in an ongoing capacity.


ASE worked with One Agency to understand their technical requirements and set up their team and office with the right technology solution.

After the initial technology discovery and set up phase, ASE continue to support One Agency as their technology partner by providing networking, endpoint, and application support. These activities are provided in a proactive manner, allowing the team at One Agency to be confident in their technology.


Technology is not what the One Agency Team wants to focus on. They want to do what they do best and focus on selling property. ASE enables them to do just that, ensuring they are well connected, secure and their technology is supporting their business and sales efforts, and their customers.

For more details download Full Case Study.

“Kristof coordinated everything that I needed from the get-go. ASE’s communication and customer service has been outstanding, and nothing has ever been a problem. They are there 24/7 for us. Even though we are an hour south of Sydney, they make regular visits to ensure everything is running smoothly. I highly, highly recommend the services of ASE to anyone with a business.”

Kane Downie, Principal


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