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This article explores unlocking your big data into actionable insights for greater business revenue through decoupling your data.   

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TLDR: Lots of data but not finding significant insights or can’t pull the reports you’re looking for? Or perhaps your data is locked into different platforms? A Data Dam could be the solution.  

The data-analytics revolution is the phenomenon of the world becoming excited about big data and the potential impact big data has. However, it is arguable that big data shouldn’t be the focus anymore, rather the management, filtration, easy access and pairing of data are the significant elements to consider.  

It doesn’t matter where your data lives or the mass amount of data your business is accumulating if there is no capability of bringing that information together to translate it into something actionable and useful.  

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Data Dam decodes the data from its native environment and prepares it for your analysts to draw upon when they need it, and more importantly, where they need it.

Decoupling your data  

Decoupling your data is the process of extracting information from a multitude of sources (for example CRM’s, social channels, EFP) to empower that information and gift it the capability of being agile and dynamic. This allows the data to be taken from one environment and placed into another, or even draw parallels between multiple records of information.   

What if data is locked into a vendor’s platform and therefore lives in their restrictive eco-system? There are tools which will unlock information from all channels and sources (with the required security) no matter the ecosystem in which it was made and/or stored in. An example of such a tool is ASE’s Data Dam, a digital transformation tool that liberates data with a single tap of a button.  

Reasons to decouple your data 

Data Dam allows analysts to focus their efforts on the analysis of the very information they are trying to locate and properly prepare constantly. Therefore, a return of time is a return of revenue. Data Dam decodes the data from its native environment, brings it securely into a company data dam, and prepares it for your analysts to draw upon when they need it, and more importantly, where they need it. It transforms information into a fluid language, translating to whatever insights or reporting tool is required.  

Security and governance are crucial, Data Dam ensures that only assigned individuals can access company data whilst protecting it from any outsider threats too.  

Lastly, marrying various points of information together provides a unique and much-needed capability for management when making decisions about the business and its future. This provides the ability to draw from an all-encompassing data dam rather than siloed information.  

Utilising information to its utmost potential requires transparency, consolidation, and consideration, all of which are facilitated by decoupling with ASE’s Data Dam. That is the solution to unleashing your data and truly beginning the journey of great business transformation.   


To learn more about empowering your data and how a Data Dam could work for your business, reach out to the ASE Team on  02 9008 2339 or email us.


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