4 Tips for choosing an Managed Service Provider for your business


Why does my business need a capable Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

The question has been raised several times recently, so we thought we would provide some insights and our top tips for choosing a Managed Service Provider. 

As consumers of technology, we start to expect a high level of technology solutions, which results in greater technological expectations for supporting our businesses. It wasn’t too long ago that technology, or IT, was considered a cost rather than an enabler to a business.  

With these evolutions have come challenges, such as information security (including data privacy, storage, and management), #knowyourdata, technology integration, and upgradation just to name a few.  

It can feel impossible to keep up with all the trends, changes and challenges of technology and that is where a tech partner such as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can help.” – Kristof Kazmer, Solution Specialist 

 Our hot tips for choosing the right MSP:  

  1. Finding a provider with a good track record is essential.  
    Check the track record of your provider before engaging in a contract. They should be able to demonstrate recent history of delivering proactive services and measurable outcomes.  


  2. When selecting a provider, make sure they meet your requirements.  
    Often, if you are evaluating based purely on cost, the MSP services will be a copy and paste template offering. Remember that technology plays a significant role in your entire organisation. It’s important to work with someone that has your best interests in mind. 


  3. Ensure you have a total cost IT analysis-ready.  
    This is a calculation of what you are currently paying for your technology, combined with accounting for the cost of lost productivity and downtime that you may be experiencing. A simple way to quantify this is to look at the total cost of your staff salaries within the organisation; then factor in how much your inefficiency is costing the organisation every day. Next, request an audit of your current systems. Whilst an audit can be intrusive and will involve a professional giving your entire technology platform, software, and systems a full review, it will allow you to validate what systems you have and need.  


  4. Asking crucial onboarding questions.  
    “Will they be able to help you improve your technology and make you more efficient?” is just one of the questions you need to be asking when evaluating providers.  


Why use a MSP?  

Focus on what you’re good at In simple terms, it allows your organisation to focus on what you do best, your business. A good MSP will have vast and various experiences in the industry by dealing with organisations like yours and the technologies they use.  

Proactive support: Managed services help you think ahead, to provide you with advice on what you need to be planning for. This links to proactive support and ensures that your technology platform(s) and software are up to date to minimise risks such as downtime, viruses, and cybersecurity hacks and crashes. It also ensures you’re getting the best value out of your investment.  

Access to an IT department: Outsourced managed services provide you access to a complete technology department. You don’t just get day-to-day technical support; you can also get a virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO). This solves current painstaking IT issues as well as technological needs to come. It is a strategic investment into the longevity of your business to ensure your technology today will adapt to changes and growth tomorrow.  

How ASE is the right MSP for you?  
Our unique value proposition is this; we listen to your business’s needs now and your dreams for the future. Our solutions, services, and expertise are all embedded in the philosophy of flexibility.  Our solutions are bespoke and tailored to your business, you are the experts in what you do and so similarly, you know what capabilities you need to unlock. ASE is the key to help you achieve technological greatness now and into the future.  

If you need help and a friendly face on your technology journey, reach out today on 02 9008 2339 or email sales@aseit.com.au



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