We love our devoted team and here is why!


Happy National IT Professionals Day! An annual holiday on the third Tuesday in September to honour those that keep us all connected despite distance and time.

What an incredible opportunity to say thank you to all the unsung heroes behind our business and many alike. Individuals that dedicate their time and talents to the field of innovation, challenges, and ever-changing technical knowledge.

If you are an IT professional, we would like to say a big thank you! ASE has the pleasure of working in an industry that is filled with the brightest problem solvers the world could offer.

We value our team who are hard-working, intelligent individuals solving real-world complex problems with clever technology solutions. Thank you to all the devices, applications, servers, networks, databases, and cyber security issues you have solved, upheld, protected, and improved.

Some suggestions on ways to show your appreciation today include a shout-out on social media with a picture celebrating your company’s tech team (#ITProDay), wear a punny (pun + funny) shirt in their honour, or simply a direct message.

Here are but a few of our Team Members that we would like to highlight:

🔶 Andrew, our brave and fearless leader. A jokester on one end and tackling networking config and load balancing problems on the other. Just your usual day at the office.

🔹 Susan, our insightful office manager that keeps everyone together and is always ready to share a great story.

🔶 Kristof, our Duracell bunny. His energy is magnetic and his work ethic is envious. A hardworking sales superstar with a strong IT background.

🔹 Shane, the data dabbler. His expertise and insights in the technical universe are out of this world. For problems most people can’t pronounce, Shane’s the guy.

🔶 Rachael keeps the business humming and buzzing. Rachael ensures our IT professionals and solutions are known and celebrated.

🔹 Gareth, our project manager, and technical IT wiz all wrapped up in one. Using all sides of the brain and making it look easy.

We are amazed at how far technology has come. Each individual has a love story to tell with technology and similarly, ASE is celebrating 20 thrilling years in the industry. Looking forward to 20 more.

To share your tech stories or your brilliant tech teams, make sure to tag us @ASEIT on Facebook or LinkedIn! We would love to meet you.


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