The Centre for Eye Health: ASE brought CFEH’s vision to life.


CFEH Snapshot, to view the full case study download the PDF data strategy roadmap


The Centre for Eye Health (CFEH) is an initiative of the University of NSW and Guide Dogs NSW/ACT and provides state-of-the-art diagnostic and disease management services with the primary goal of reducing preventable blindness in the community.  

CFEH’s diagnostic services require them to not only capture, but store high-resolution images, adding levels of growing data complexity. 


CFEH raised the following business challenges: Their existing Service and Support contract was up for renewal and CFEH were considering their options. Crucial to their considerations was the management of their data and services, utilising a legacy approach would see CFEH being delivered an inflexible solution that lacked the necessary agility and would pose similar service issues in years to come. CFEH were also looking to reduce the cost of IT for the business without compromising on performance or quality…


ASE Ultimate Assist Managed Service.
The intention of this service is to eliminate the risks of a traditional service, free up internal resources to focus on new initiatives, whilst delivering elastic and scalable on-demand service delivery immediately and for years to come.

The solution provided a foundation for longer-term initiatives, including a broader data strategy and the unlocking of the value of data within the broader CFEH business. As part of the approach, ASE migrated existing services in a phased approach to ensure minimal interruptions to the business. ASE worked with CFEH in a partnership to develop not only a technology but also a data roadmap for the business…THE OUTCOME

CFEH, together with ASE, have achieved a reduction in their technology spend whilst increasing the service levels they received. In partnership, CFEH has created a Data Strategy and Roadmap with ASE to allow flexibility to achieve their future business objectives.

As well as exceeding their core objectives, ASE increased CFEH’s governance and security of all technology solutions to ensure data and systems are not only safe but also backed up. This has resulted in the CFEH team now feeling confident in their IT services to perform…

For more details download Full Case Study.

“ASE have been a pleasure to work with from the very first meeting. Their ethos seems to always focus on finding sustainable solutions and planning ahead which is hugely valued in our area of work.”
Sarah Holland, Executive Manager


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