NFP & Charities Webinar Recap | How to prove your community connection through data


Data has become an essential part of any charitable organisation’s efforts to raise money. There are many ways for charities to prove their community connection through data, but taking that extra step leads to the most engagement with donors and a better return on your investment (ROI).

We’ve just published our latest webinar that encapsulates all our panellist’s findings and learnings from their own pursuance of data excellence. This blog will focus on the top five different ways your charity can better leverage its data management and implementation efforts.

Thank you to all that joined us and our expert panel on Thursday, 13 May for a virtual experience highlighting the full scope of data reporting and implementation excellence. You can watch the full webinar below or here.

  1. Data is the lifeblood of any organisation, whether it is a business, charity, or government agency. It holds the keys to your strategy for success and can have a significant impact on your bottom line. A way to plan for future strategies is to point down data to your NFP’s key areas of focus and analysing positive outcomes from those campaigns analytics to help guide future decision making. 

  2. Business continuity for NFP’s is crucial, as building a strong donor database takes years of development. Therefore decoupling data is one of the major obstacles charitable organisations face during any stages of growth or change. A way your charity can better protect and leverage information is to invest in a service that decouples data without disrupting or changing existing systems. 

  3. Digital storytelling, empowered by data, in an environment that is oversaturated with messages is a challenging yet necessary art to perfect. Use your data to build impactful communications and content that resonates with your donors. Extracting the right information from different data channels (decoupling and recoupling data to draw out insights) will highlight a narrative for the business to follow. 

  4. One way to leverage data for a competitive edge is to practice benchmarking. Benchmarking your organisation’s impacts will lead to successful grant applications and industry authority. Hence the title of this webinar, it is crucial for charitable organisations to be able to prove their community connections and efforts for legitimacy and may even earn the company some extra funds as well.

  5. Lastly, data management conventions. Data can quickly become unmanageable without establishing key house rules for data cataloguing, treatment, and authorisation & access. NFP’s are notoriously known for being time-poor which signifies the importance of defining strong data management and documentation conventions and onboarding your team to uphold them for short-term and long-term success. 

We hope that after watching this webinar you feel confident about how the use, security, storage, and integrity of your data, and lastly, its ability to communicate to your donors. 

If you would like to ask any questions, feel free to email who are happy to help. 


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