ASE launches SD-WAN + intelligent automated self provisioning platform from ActivePort.


Press Release – 25th June 2018

  • ASE are delighted to become the premier partner with ActivePort Pty Ltd in the first ever implementation of their Software Defined Network & Innovative Self Provisioning Platform with Network Automation Software.
  • ASE customers will now become ‘ActivePortal’ users. Delivered as an ASE branded (white label) solution that is integrated into the core & edge of the ASE network.  Unlike regular SDN networks, ASE customers now have the ability to instantly provision services across their network – just clicking a button (tile). 

Sydney, Australia – ActivePort’s Software Defined Network (SDN) Solution is the next generation in connectivity. ASE is delighted to be the premier activeport partner to provide this capability to customers. Not only will customers’ experience SDN agility and functionality, they have access to a real-time self-provisioning portal. Click and connect. Customers will now have the capability to turn up and turn down services within the network as well as concurrently manage multiple private and public cloud services including partner ecosystems.  Catering to partner needs, ActivePort will look to connect ASE’s core products – IP Transit, WAN, international capacity and partner platforms including NetApps and their Cloud Ecosystems.  By simply adding a new “Service Tile” customers  will have the ability to instantly activate new services. Having them connected and operational under 2 minutes.

Imagine a one stop connectivity option. ActivePortal now enables ASE customers to instantly provision, manage and control their SD-WAN services between multi offices across the network plus light up new network connections and manage bandwidth capacity as well as their mixed hybrid infrastructure, Multi-Cloud and other API Platforms in real-time.

The future is SDN, however it needs to be self-automated.  This enables customers to activate new services instantly, as well as manage real-time scalable bandwidth on demand, coupled with real-time billing across the network and integration into partner platforms.  This is what ActivePortal Edge provides partners such as ASE to better support and connect  their customers.

Andrew Sjoquist, CEO ASE said: “ASE is excited to be partnering with ActivePort  to enhance and extend our connectivity services leveraging the power of Software Defined Networking to enable our customer’s business data to be accessed from anywhere and across any cloud. By partnering with ActivePort , ASE can ensure that customers gain complete control over their network connectivity as their architectures grow in a multicloud world. Allowing cusomters to not only be in control of their data but now in its movement and access is an exciting and innovative prospect for us, to better service our customers.”

Michael Glynn, Director & Executive VP Sales + Marketing, ActivePort said: “We are proud to have recently launched our Next Generation Carrier SD-WAN Self Provisioning Management Platform.  We are also excited to work with ASE who understands the importance not only of SD-WAN for their multi-site customers plus Network Automation Software and SDN Orchestration Management Platform Layer.  This carrier neutral solution will provide a real-time Self Provisioning Platform across the ASE IT network throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and USA.

A SD-WAN enabled network is pointless without an automated self-provisioning services portal which allows customers to manage their own capacity, services & bandwidth needs to wherever they need to go.  With a fully automated provisioning interface ASE customers can fully control services across the network, bandwidth on demand plus instant provisioning services from the network edge to the likes of hybrid cloud (private or public), SaaS or even IP-PBX platforms.

Our Carrier On-Premise Solution roll out is our first in Australia but we are working with a number of large and small carriers around the world who are looking to enable SD-WAN or already have rolled out SD-WAN but missing the Orchestration Management + Automation Services Platform for their customers.”


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