NEWSLETTER: Talking Techi @ASE (Volume 1)



Welcome to the inaugural edition of Talking Techi with ASE Newsletter

As a dynamic team of ‘geeks’ and fans of all things technology, we are delighted to be able to share with partners and customers news, stories and innovative ideas that help us to creativity harness the power of technology to better service customers.

Welcome Note
Founder and CEO, Andrew Sjoquist

We all understand and appreciate that in the world of technology, the status quo does not last long. Change takes place at unprecedented rates. The challenge is to keep up.

Here at ASE we’ve undergone some significant change since the start of 2017. Strong growth and exciting expansion plans into both local and international markets, have seen ASE over the last few months, evolve, recalibrate (our offerings) and renew our approach. Offering customers, innovation, scale, and agility without the cost of building an enterprise cloud solution. Our services are tailored to meet and enhance business objectives. Delivered online via the net or private network, consumed as a service.

Enabling customers to select and pay for what they need.  With added confidence in knowing their connectivitydata management and workflow efficiency is powered by best of breed platforms and partners.

Whether a customer’s challenge lies within a particular solution set or across combined solutions, ASE ensures we ask the right questions to find the best fit solution (across clouds and offerings) to enable customer success. Keeping things simple.

Say G’day to Glenn Folkes, ASE Sales Director.

What might seem like a lifetime ago now, ASE’s new Sales Director Glenn Folkes joined the team back in August. Glenn brings with him a strong commercial background in technology, vendor relations, partner enablement and a unique laugh.

We sat down with Glenn to see what innovative change he hopes to bring to ASE and our customer engagement, through his experiences with technology.

What inspires you professionally?

What do you think you can bring to the ASE team as Sales Director?

What do you think is key for innovation?

Join our innovation journey. See what drives us, our thoughts on trending topics and how we work with our partners to ensure solutions are architected for success – now and long term.

Whilst still in the early stages of development, ASE is proactively building and enabling some innovative partnerships across a variety of market offerings.  Enhancing the ASE offering with expertise that partners bring as well as on the reverse, offering partners the agility of speed, through a geographically dispersed engagement of a robust technology platform (ASE cloud services). Creating opportunity along the road to transformation.

ASE Partners with Pixit Media

Pixit Media is fueling additional growth by teaming with ASE, a global leader in cloud services, providing its Media and Entertainment customers with advanced Pixit Media based solutions that make their workflows more efficient and easily expandable to meet future demand. Pixit Press Release.

Equinix and NetApp

It’s taken months and a few many trips but we are finally delighted to see some great opportunities coming about in the US market for ASE Cloud. Supported by a long standing partnership with NetApp and Equinix we have seen a significant growth, within the M&E space for cloud solutions on demand. Often assumed that global markets are leading cloud innovation, we are seeing the increased adoption and growth of cloud services on demand. As the importance of data, in its varying uses becomes focal to organisations the need for better data management and connectivity to grain more outcomes, faster with no impact to QoS. Case Study.

Our Partners

A community of like-minded organisations and individuals who understand that successful technology solutions are depended on forging and maintaining productive partnerships. Collaboratively driving creative innovation, supporting each other’s strengths and endeavouring to complement weaknesses.


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