A silver lining needs a cloud. But does every cloud have a silver lining?


Theoretically YES! However, with so many clouds spanning the technology space, finding the right one can be a difficult and challenging process. Each comes with their own advantages and efficiencies.

To make things even more complex, vendor specific terms are gradually becoming household industry names. Take S3 for example. Most of us would think an Amazon (AWS) offering but in actual fact, S3 is just industry speak for object storage. A marketer’s dream and product branding at its best. With such a dynamic ecosystem of vendors and offerings, consumers are not only spoiled for choice but are also confronted with the daunting decision of deciding which cloud best suits their needs now and into the future.

At ASE we believe, much like that of a real cloud constitution, the best cloud is one that is fluid. In other words, the ability for consumers to leverage multiple cloud offerings across vendors. Allowing them the ability to choose, use and include their data management and workflows to improve business efficiencies – across all, some or one cloud.

There is no doubt that businesses can reap huge benefits from cloud. However, with the many advantages, come drawbacks as well. The advantages and disadvantages of cloud are numerous, just ask Google.

According to US cloud benchmarking firm, Cloud Spectator, who’s recent 2017 Top 10 Cloud IaaS Providers Benchmark Report, there is more to consider technically than just pros and cons, when engaging cloud solutions.

In consideration of the above, imagine a solution where you don’t have to choose just one cloud? Access one or many, how much or how little; your choice.

Introducing the ASE Cloud. Possibly the silvering lining of cloud – wrapped as a service.

Supported by NetApp technology the ASE Cloud is a next to cloud solution. What does that mean? Put simply, ASE’s cloud solution allows consumers to seamlessly access the benefits and efficiencies of major cloud provider services without having to move their data into specific clouds. Offered as a service and with a reliable global data centre footprint, customers keep their data/ files/ content within ASE’s cloud, but have seamless integration and access across cloud vendor offerings.

Avoiding vendor lock-in contracts or exorbitant egress charges, to name a few.Find out more
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