Preferred Media: Staying in front of industry evolution and changing client needs.



Preferred Media is one of Australia’s first independent commercial media vaults. Over time, they have expanded to offer digital asset management services and digitisation. They manage more than 20 million assets for hundreds of clients including Foxtel, Ogilvy,  Australian Rugby, Fremantle Media and Tourism Australia.

Preferred Media has invested in all of the hardware and software required to store rich media content for their clients in a way that’s secure, yet easily accessible. Their brief to ASE was to help provide additional high speed bandwidth and cloud storage solutions, to meet clients’ expanding needs…


ASE provided a robust solution at a highly competitive price, with high-speed access to cloud storage and the internet.

ASE also provided guidelines to Preferred Media around what was required and has provided ongoing support and counsel as their industry continues to respond to digital transformation.

This solution allowed open lines of communication across all levels of management, which was well received by key stakeholders and clients in both organisations and provided effective transparency for workflow…


ASE’s solution has enabled Preferred Media to provide a better, faster service to their clients.

The competitive pricing structure meant that Preferred Media could scale up and down their internet services depending on what is required, meaning there is no wastage. However, if required Preferred Media had the agile functionality available to address spontaneous upscale storage needs of their customers with ease.

ASE being a carrier agnostic provider allowed Preferred Media cost efficient, reliable connectivity in any location or speed…


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