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Andrew Sjoquist

Chief Executive Officer


My curiosity and interest in technology was sparked from an early age while spending time at places like Sydney’s Power House Museum and other centres for innovation.

Just after the turn of the millennium, when the dot-com boom was over and the world had survived “Y2K”, I found myself studying Computing and Information Systems at one of Sydney’s universities. Having seen the hype and promise of internet businesses and applications service providers, come and then go, I took moment to reflect upon what it was that I was actually learning and therefore be able to provide back to society at the completion of my studies. The technological studies were interesting however a distinct lack of understanding of the real world and modern-day business processes and problems became evident in the education course. This led me to think that even as a relatively inexperienced university student, there had to be a more holistic way of using technology to help solves problems.

ASE began as a break-fix computer troubleshooting organisation in the back of a university lecture hall. Service small customers across the Sydney Metropolitan area, the company soon grew to provide the precursor to “cloud” services from Equinix Data Centre (then Pahana Pacific) in the Sydney suburb of Mascot. Customers wanted solid, reliable but scalable technology that delivered business value to them and that also was an operational expense. From initially offering Cisco Call Manager as a service, ASE offerings grew to include connectivity, compute and data management and storage services by partnering with the likes of Cisco and NetApp – relationships which have grown and developed for more than 10 years.

Today ASE operates from many data centres and delivers a full suite of services and solutions which meet customer challenges in markets including Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Canada, UK, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong and other parts of Asia. Our work has been recognised through vendor and industry awards but by far our proudest award is that of delighted customers who continue to put their faith in ASE to deliver their technology services and some of those ASE customers have been with us since Day 1.

Whilst we aim to “punch above our weight” we value the benefit to our customers and our strategy of remaining small and agile in our approach. These outcomes focussed approaches are cultivated throughout our team and we aim to truly focus on ensuring customers achieve their desired outcomes and business benefits through the use of technology. We are not about technology and process for process’ sake – we are about helping our customers to solve real-world problems by Asking in a curious manner, Solving through ingenuity and creativity, the delivery an ongoing Experience that delights our customers and delivers longevity to relationships.

The technology sector is an exciting and rapidly changing landscape and the future is full of opportunity and promise. We have the team, the drive and the vision to continue to deliver upon our promise to customers and stakeholders by Asking, Solving and Evolving our client’s challenges and businesses.


Andrew Sjoquist
Founder and Chief Executive Officer,
ASE and Global Bandwidth Exchange GBX